Ladies of the Creek

Our Vision:

“To encourage and equip the community of Neely’s Creek women to minister together for God’s glory and purpose.”

2016 LOC Officers:
President: Becca Bowyer
Vice President: Judy Sharp
Past President: Harriet Flinn
Secretary: Robin Young-Williams
Treasurer: Diane Catoe

Department Chairs:
Family Care Ministry: Brenda Carruth
Historian: Sheila Neely
Hospitality: Joy Stacy
Kitchen Service: Barbara Rhodes
Missions & Outreach: Jennie Costner Spiritual Life: Julia Williams
Youth: Robyn Brown

Circle Chairs:
Caroline Boyd Circle: Pat Wilson
Friendship Circle: Sara Plyler
Lily Lesslie Circle: Jeanne Carter
Sunshine Circle: Joy Stacy

For All Women:
Why should you be a part of Women’s Ministries? Because you are a woman and because you are a Christian!
Where can a Christian woman go to be nurtured, encouraged, trained, and challenged in her faith? Who will come alongside you to walk along the way of holiness and talk about the ways of God? Where can you or I go to talk about Jesus and talk about our life in Him without fear or judgment or ridicule? Where can we ask the questions about God and faith we think no one else is struggling with? -Elizabeth Burns, Jan/Feb Issue ARP Magazine

If you identify with any of these questions, we invite you to give our Women’s Ministries a try. We have four circles that meet monthly for prayer, Bible study, and Christian fellowship.They are listed below along with meeting times, and contact information.

Caroline Boyd Circle
When: 2nd Monday of the Month @ 10am
Where: The Emma Echols Classroom
Contact: Betty Settlemyer

Friendship Circle
When: 2nd Wednesday of the Month @ 7pm
Where: Ladies Parlor
Contact: Betty Neely

Lily Lesslie Circle
When: 2nd Monday of the Month @ 10am
Where: Ladies Parlor
Contact: Joanne Williams

Sunshine Circle
When: 2nd Monday of the Month at 7pm
Where: FLC Classroom
Contact: Joy Stacy

Interested in being a service volunteer?
If you are not currently in a women’s circle but would be willing to contribute an occasional dish for a family experiencing loss, or sandwiches or chips for a snack supper, please contact Ruth Cunnup to be added to the volunteer list. Signing up does not commit
you to help each time, only that you’re willing to be contacted.

You are a WOMAN. You are a CHRISTIAN. You are INVITED.