Who We Are

  • We are a local, loving community of believers in Jesus Christ and we consider ourselves part of a global, world-wide movement called the church.
  • What unites all of us is the Gospel or the Good News, the essence of which is that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, has come into this world to save broken, confused, hurting, sinful people.
What is our mission? Why do we exist?
  • It is simple. We exist to glorify God, to love people and to make disciples of Christ in all nations. The first two elements of our mission statement reflect the Greatest Commandment in the Scriptures which is to love God with all of our hearts, minds and souls, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.
  • We desire to express worship to the One who has created us and everything else in this universe. Worship is not just offered because of what He has done or what He does do for us now, but simply for who He is. He is worthy because He is God. And we desire to love people because all people deserve to be treated as created beings of God in His image. We desire to love them for who they are and what they can become in Christ Jesus.
  • The third element of the mission statement gives expression to the Great Commandment of Jesus at the end of his life when he charged his disciples to make disciples. We desire to be a community in which members are living as disciples and making disciples with great intentionality and purposefulness.
What is our vision? What is our preferred future?
  • Our desire is to see ourselves and all nations transformed by the Gospel. God, our Heavenly Father, is in the business of redemption and restoration – individuals, families, nations, people groups, the entire world. It starts with me.
  • Neely’s Creek Church is a historic church with deep roots in SC culture and the ARP denomination. We are a family church that has grown over the last several years to embrace many new members who have brought new life and vibrancy into the fold.
  • We offer excellent programs for all age groups.
  • We are unapologetically committed to the inerrant and infallible Word of God which provides great stability in the confusing and unfettered sense of morality of our increasing secular culture.