August 21, 2020

Dear Members and Friends of Neely’s Creek ARP Church,

“Normal” is a word that has become a bit more precious to us these days, hasn’t it? We seem to use the word now with a strange but understandable mix of wistfulness, hesitance and hope.

As a church we are thankful to be worshiping together regularly, even if not
under completely normal circumstances. While a return to normal is our clear and strong desire, present reality indicates that normal may yet remain a ways off. And even when it does come, “normal” will probably not be quite as recognizable to us as it was when we’d seen it last.

So, while we eagerly await a more complete return to normalcy there is one fairly significant change ready to take place. Beginning this Sunday, August 23 our 8:30 worship service will once again be a contemporary service and our 11:00 worship service will once again be a traditional service. (The 11:00 service will still be posted online at 6:00 p.m.)

Session will continue to prayerfully monitor the COVID situation at least monthly and move us forward if, when, how, and only as the LORD leads. Pray on and remember that our “normal” is the resurrected Lord Jesus, our home is heaven and whatever we’d call normal here on earth… it is but passing away. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Your Servant in Him,
Pastor Matt